Barmond International is the UK distributor for Damasteel® stainless steel products produced by Damasteel AB in Sweden. The Damasteel patented process uses modern RSP steelmaking methods in the ancient art of making damascene steel which has been re-vitalised for the 21st century.


Damasteel produces four different steel types. Three are damascene materials and one plain steel [RWL34] without the pattern. The grades are specially designed for certain applications.


Austenitic Stainless Damascus Steel


Applications: Flatware Cutlery, Forks. Jewellery, Watch cases, Bracelets, Furniture fittings. Marine mountings. Outdoor ornaments. Bathroom mountings.

Properties: Soft. Non magnetic. Excellent corrosion resistance.


Hardenable Stainless Damascene Knife Steel


Applications: Knife blades. Flatware knives. Edge tools.

Properties: Hardenable up to 60 HRC, Stainless in hardened condition with Excellent edge retention.

Patterns: Vinland, Twist, Rose, Odin’s Eye , Grosse Rosen, Hakkapella, Heimskringla, Ladder, Munin


Damascene Barrel Steel


Stainless [431/416]

Applications: Firearm barrels and parts. Pistol parts.

Properties: Hardenable up to 50 HRC. Excellent toughness. Good maintainability. Corrosion resistant


Low Alloy [4140 / 4340]

Applications: Firearm barrels and parts for browning or blueing.

Properties: Hard-enable up to 55 HRC. Excellent toughness. Excellent forge-ability and forge weld-ability. No corrosion resistance.


RWL 34, Hardenable Stainless Knife Steel


Applications: Knife blades

Properties: Hard-enable up to 62 HRC, Stainless in hardened condition. Excellent edge strength. Magnetic.


Many different dimensions are available, in both flats and rounds. Examples are shown below the standard sizes for the hard-enable martensitic damascus steel for edge tools.


In addition to the products manufactured by Damasteel, other knife making steels are available from stock produced by:


Takefu Special Steels Ltd, Japan

VG10 / Multi Layer Japanese Damascus


Sandvik AB, Sweden




Bohler , Austria



O1 Ground Flat Stock

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